Established almost 40 years, we don't have to trick you into booking your car service with us with 'amazing' offers. Just ask the good people of Warrington, but for those of you who like the hard sell when choosing where to have your car you go

N.B. amazing offers on a car service are generally a con!


warrington car service


With our range of car service packages you can choose how much or how little you have done. We have interim (minor) sevice or a full (major) service options. We use OE parts unless otherwise requested. Your service book is stamped to keep in line with your warranty etc and the service light is reset.
You can combine your annual car service with an MOT to save even more. We will not undertake any work without your knowledge and leave you wiping your eyes after being stung with a big bill. 

Your safety is paramount to us but just because of this we will not use fear tactics or bullly you into unnecessary work. You can trust us. We firmly believe in our 40 years of existence this is by far the best team of mechanics we have ever had by a long way.



warrington car service


Call us on 01925 418 553 for an appointment. Annual maintenance of your car can mean less problems further down the line. Our services are usually about half of what you pay at a main dealer. The only difference being, all our servicing is always done by qualified mechanics! 



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